Machine Learning Specialist at Advent Health Partners

The Machine Learning Specialist advances Advent Health Partners’ machine learning strategy.
Advent has a number of tools designed to display and gather data. This data has deeper
meaning and it is our goal as a company to build a machine learning architecture to maximize
the interpretation of this data in order to develop reliable predictive models

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Communicate effectively with executive and clinical personnel
Identify trends and relationships in the data used for creating and testing hypotheses.
Mine and analyze structured/unstructured data to create algorithms
Identify information-rich features in large target datasets
Formulate innovative solutions to problems where machine learning is applicable
Collaborate with Principal Scientist, Product Manager, Senior Application Developer and
VP Engineering to produce the best possible end product
Recommend a scalable, reliable hardware/software/saas platform
Maintain discussions of proposed features as Github Issues
Tweak and debug in collaboration with peers
Maintain Slack conversations during working hours
Provide work effort estimates to management to assist in setting priorities
Deliver timely work in accordance with estimates
Solve problems as they arise and communicate potential roadblocks to manage
Adhere strictly to all security policies.

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)
Advanced Degree in a quantitative field such as Computer Science, Physics, Statistics,
or related fields is preferred
2+ years in machine learning post-doc or professional
Demonstrated experience working with both structured and unstructured data
Demonstrated experience in identifying information-rich features and/or strategies for
identifying information-rich features in large datasets

Knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques (clustering, classification,
regression, neural networks, etc.) and their real-world advantages/drawbacks
Strong programming skills in Python and relevant ML libraries such as scikit-lern,
TensorFLow and PyTorch.
Experience in using NLP modules within Python
Familiar with OCR modules within Python
Experience in healthcare industry is a plus
Experience in applying core Machine Learning methodologies: Regression, Naive
Bayesian classifier, Clustering, Matrix Factorization, k-Nearest Neighbors, Natural
Language processing, Decision trees, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks/ Deep
Learning, Convolution Neural Networks
Experience with AWS
Proficient in REST, JSON
Understanding of unit testing
Strong written and verbal communication skills
An experienced grasp of version control, branches and git in particular
Thorough understanding of working in development, staging and production
Unix-related skills including installation with apt-get, compiling from source, intermediate
shell scripting

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